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After living in Colombia , London, Milan and Paris and working as a personal stylist my job has always been to help women accentuate their natural beauty and self-confidence by finding their personal style.

So, as a result of my work, you might imagine that I have seen and worn some of the “best” lingerie available. You would be right, I have and yet, none of them worked for me.  The traditional high-end lingerie brands always felt confining and uncomfortable.  So, I ended up wearing sports bras as a convenience.   But we all know that sports bras are the antithesis of femininity and allure.  So, after years of feeling embarrassed about my choice of lingerie, I decided enough was enough.  Rather than wait for someone else to design a comfortable, sexy bra that could take a woman through her entire day and into the evening, I decided to do it myself.

I went to manufacturers and worked with them to design and construct a bra out of soft materials.  As I wanted this bra to be comfortable for a variety of body types, I insisted there be no underwire, straps that are wide enough not to cut the skin and inside out stitching for comfort.  Sadly, the first draft looked just like the sports bra that I was already tired of wearing.  So, I went back to the drawing board.  This time using luxurious Japanese lace, adding a plunging neckline, removable pads to give extra lift and support…and buttons to add a bit of a challenge.  After multiple iterations, I finally came up with this multipurpose bra that I am now thrilled to be able to offer to other women who want allure but are unwilling to sacrifice comfort.

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