The Bra

No Underwire

No underwire, no rubbing and pinching the breasts which causes skin irritation and breast pain.

Inner Stitching

Inner lining using maximum inner stitching technique for a smooth and seamless feel.

Wide Straps

Delicate elastics form the wide strap that moulds naturally to your shape. No more straps that dig into your shoulders leaving indentations on your skin.

Japanese Lace

Japanese lace, elegant uncompromising quality.

Removable Pads

Removable pads that give extra lift and nice shape to the breasts that really makes a difference!

Plush lingerie details

Soft Fabric

Lined with soft elastic fabric for extra support and comfort.

Pad Pockets

Inner pockets designed to keep pads comfortably and securely in place.

Front Buttons

Convenient front closure buttons. No more difficulty reaching to the back of the bra closures, and a fun challenge for your partner!

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